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Anthill Studios is a leading media production services company based in Nigeria. We’ve worked around the world and partnered with top media outlets, filmmakers, and brands.


What People Say

Man, this is so innovative and inspiring. I've been looking forward to a day like this. A day when the glory of African mythology will shine! And it's finally here. The graphics, storyline, characters... come on, this is magical!!!
Zuxian Games
Lemme be the fifth to comment and say this work is a big step in the right direction for the future of Nigerian Animation! For once, I'm so proud to be a Nigerian right now!
Michael Oboh
Watching this from Zambia. And I'm completely mind blown right now! The action, the music, the narration... Everything is just perfect! Big ups to you guys. You're doing Africa proud.
I'm Austin
This is a masterpiece, in the future if the animation could be much advance and cooler, I think we can trump even western animation with these incredible storylines, nevertheless u guys re giving me goosebumps already...nice piece
Damian Emmanuel

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This year, you’ve been amazing!You’ve worked so hard all year, and guess what? It’s time to kick back, relax, and dive into the magic of

Anthill Studios, a leading media production company in Nigeria, has announced the commencement of principal photography on “Criminal,” a gripping new film directed by Dolapo

At Anthill Studios, directing isn’t a job; it’s a never-ending rollercoaster of excitement! Our directors are like wizards, weaving spells across genres from belly-laugh comedies

Dear Families of Nigeria, In a world filled with entertainment options, it’s essential to find films that not only entertain but also inspire, empower, and