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Mikolo: A letter from Niyi Akinmolayan to Nigerian Families

Dear Families of Nigeria,In a world filled with entertainment options, it’s essential to find films that not only entertain but also inspire, empower, and ignite curiosity in our children. As parents, we yearn to provide our kids with wholesome and exciting content that enriches their young minds. However, it’s disheartening to find that the local film industry in Nigeria has often overlooked the creation of movies for children.

But this is all about to change! Allow me to introduce myself; I am the founder of Anthill Studios, and my passion for family-centric storytelling has driven me to create amazing, exciting, and empowering family entertainment. Our latest offering, “MIKOLO,” is a film that aims to inspire children to dream big, embrace adventure, and stand tall in the face of darkness.

“MIKOLO” tells the captivating tale of two inquisitive kids, Funke (Pamilerin Ayodeji) and Habeeb (Fiyinfoluwa Asenuga), who set out on an unforgettable holiday at their grandma’s place. As they venture into the mountains, the real adventure begins when they unknowingly open a door to the magical world. They encounter a wondrous creature named MIKOLO, who befriends them and changes their lives forever.

This film is not only an exciting journey filled with heartwarming moments; it is also a powerful metaphor for bravery and courage. Funke’s curiosity and determination lead her and Habeeb to discover a new realm, where they must protect MIKOLO from local hunters. Through their adventurous endeavors, they learn the importance of responsibility, teamwork, and compassion.

“MIKOLO” is not just a thrilling escapade; it goes beyond entertainment to tackle essential themes. The film sheds light on the struggles of their parents’ marriage and how the children’s bravery and love for MIKOLO become the catalyst for healing family bonds. It showcases that families can conquer challenges together and emerge stronger than ever.

Moreover, “MIKOLO” also strives to empower the girl child. Funke, with her inquisitive and fearless spirit, breaks gender stereotypes and proves that girls can be strong, adventurous, and resilient. This representation is crucial for our young girls, inspiring them to dream big and chase their aspirations without limitations.

As we roll out “MIKOLO” this year, we extend an open invitation to every child aged 7 and above to experience this magical journey at the cinemas. But we don’t stop there. We believe every parent should also join this adventure with their little ones. Let’s come together as families and witness the transformative power of storytelling.

Anthill Studios is committed to producing more family-oriented films in the future. We aspire to create a landscape of Nigerian cinema where every child can find inspiration, excitement, and life lessons in the stories that unfold on screen.

So, gather your loved ones, head to the cinemas, and let “MIKOLO” take you on an unforgettable ride. We promise you laughter, tears, and most importantly, a renewed sense of family bonding and empowerment.

See you at the movies, and here’s to many more family adventures to come!

With love and excitement,

Niyi Akinmolayan


Anthill Studios

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