by Anthill Studios

What Nollywood Sorely Needs

For filmmakers, the temptation to stick to what’s tried and true is strong. After all, there’s comfort in knowing that a certain formula works, and audiences seem to love it. But there’s a danger in getting too comfortable because the audience can get tired after a while. Yeah, people loved it, but if it’s the same old storyline, what’s there to look forward to? Have you noticed people are sick of Medea remixes and tired of Fast and Furious?

To truly move forward and push the boundaries of filmmaking, it’s important always to be thinking about what’s next and daring into new frontiers. This means experimentation! This means being willing to take risks, try new techniques, and explore uncharted territory. It might mean shooting a scene in an unconventional way, using a new type of camera or lens, or incorporating a new visual style into your work. It might mean working with people you never thought you would cross paths with.Really, what’s stopping us from working with virtual reality engineers to create an immersive Nigerian horror film experience? (oops, copyright that!)It’s true that there are seasons for everything, right now Nollywood is reimagining cultural epics. There was King of Thieves by yours truly and Euphoria 360 in April 2022, and then we had Anikulapo by Kunle Afolayan in September and Elesin Oba by Biyi Bandale in October. Great but what’s next? That’s the question. What flavour are we going to serve the world next that’ll keep them on their toes craving Nollywood?

For daring ideas to germinate and bear fruit, everyone involved in the filmmaking process has to stay curious and continue learning. This means not just staying on top of the latest developments in the industry but seeking out new experiences that’ll broaden your imagination. Right now in Anthill Studios, everyone has been challenged to learn something new with $100 and people are exploring crazy things like pole dancing and saner things like an animation update course. It’s also important to remember that daring into new frontiers means something other than completely abandoning what works. After all, there’s a reason why specific formulas have been successful in the past. However, it’s important to approach these formulas with a critical eye, and look for ways to innovate and push the envelope. That’s really the key idea here, that’s what Nollywood sorely needs- to PUSH. Push ideas, people, techniques stories. To push so we can keep moving forward.Wait…Did I just tell you all about Anthill’s slogan? Well, I guess now you know who to watch out for.

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